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High Standard Pulling Tap. a premium and versatile fixture designed to enhance the functionality and style of your kitchen or bathroom. The High Standard Pulling Tap combines exceptional quality. convenient features. and a sleek design to provide a reliable and visually appealing tap option.

With its high standard construction. the Pulling Tap is built to withstand the demands of everyday use. The solid materials and precise engineering ensure durability and long-lasting performance. making it a reliable choice for your kitchen or bathroom.

The High Standard Pulling Tap is available in two elegant colors: black and silver. The black option adds a touch of boldness and sophistication to your space. while the silver option offers a classic and timeless look. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern style or a more traditional aesthetic. the Pulling Tap offers color options to suit your taste.

Designed for convenience. the Pulling Tap features a pull-out spray head or spout that allows for easy and flexible use. Whether you need to rinse dishes. clean fruits and vegetables. or fill pots and pans. the pull-out feature offers enhanced maneuverability and reach. making daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Installation of the High Standard Pulling Tap is straightforward. with standard fittings that are compatible with most plumbing systems. The tap comes with easy-to-follow instructions and the necessary hardware. ensuring a hassle-free installation process.


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