54W LED Corn Lamp 65w


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Powerful Illumination: This LED Corn Lamp boasts a power rating of 54 watts. providing an impressive 6800 lumens of light output. This level of brightness makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. from commercial and industrial spaces to outdoor areas.

Color Temperature: Emitting light with a color temperature of 4000 Kelvin (K). this lamp produces a cool white or natural daylight color. This color temperature creates a well-balanced and comfortable lighting environment. ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Low Current Rating: The lamp operates at a low current of 0.24 amperes (A). This low current consumption is advantageous when designing electrical circuits. selecting wiring. and optimizing energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency: LED technology is known for its exceptional energy efficiency. This LED Corn Lamp consumes significantly less electricity than traditional lighting sources. leading to reduced energy costs and a lower environmental footprint.

Long Lifespan: LED lamps are renowned for their extended lifespan. This lamp is expected to provide reliable illumination for tens of thousands of hours. reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Wide Beam Angle: LED Corn Lamps typically feature a wide beam angle. ensuring uniform and expansive lighting coverage. This characteristic makes them suitable for various applications. including street lighting. parking lots. warehouses. and more.

Instant On: Unlike some traditional lighting sources that may require warm-up time. LED Corn Lamps provide instant illumination when switched on. This instant-on feature is particularly valuable for applications that require immediate lighting. such as security or safety lighting.

Durable Construction: LED Corn Lamps are built to withstand various environmental conditions. They are typically constructed with high-quality materials that are resistant to dust. moisture. and other elements. making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy Installation: The lamp is designed for easy installation. typically featuring a screw-in base that fits into standard fixtures. This simplifies the retrofitting process. allowing for a seamless upgrade to LED lighting without significant modifications.

Environmentally Friendly: LED lighting is environmentally friendly due to its reduced energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Additionally. LED lamps do not contain hazardous materials like mercury. which can be found in some other types of lighting.

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