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NiCd Rechargeable Battery. a single unit designed to provide dependable power for your various electronic devices. With a voltage of 2.4 volts and an impressive capacity of 4.0 ampere-hours (Ah). this battery is a reliable energy source for a wide range of applications. from small gadgets to low-power electronics.

The 2.4-volt output ensures compatibility with a multitude of devices. making it a versatile choice for your everyday electronics. Whether it’s powering a remote control. flashlight. or small electronic toy. this NiCd battery offers consistent and steady performance.

With a high capacity of 4.0 Ah. this rechargeable battery can hold a substantial amount of energy. allowing for extended usage periods between charges. This is particularly beneficial in devices that demand continuous and prolonged operation. as it reduces the need for frequent recharging. saving you time and effort.

Safety is a top priority. and this NiCd rechargeable battery is equipped with a robust white plastic covering. This protective casing serves as an additional layer of safeguard. shielding the battery from potential physical damage and environmental factors. The white plastic not only enhances safety but also gives the battery a clean and professional appearance.

As a rechargeable battery. it is designed for multiple charging cycles. allowing you to use it repeatedly without significant performance degradation. This characteristic makes it a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to single-use batteries. reducing waste and environmental impact.

Whether you need a reliable power source for small household devices or portable electronics. this NiCd Rechargeable Battery is a dependable and safe option. With its 2.4-volt output. impressive 4.0 Ah capacity. and enhanced safety features. it ensures your devices remain powered and ready for use whenever you need them. Upgrade to this efficient and durable NiCd battery for all your low-power electronic needs.

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