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OneLux NiCd Rechargeable Battery – a high-performance power solution designed to meet the demands of your electronic devices. With its cutting-edge features and exceptional specifications. this battery is a reliable choice for various applications. ranging from RC cars and boats to power tools and other high-power gadgets.

The OneLux NiCd Rechargeable Battery comes in a single unit. boasting a robust voltage of 4.8 volts. This higher voltage ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices that require a more potent power source. It is the perfect energy solution for those power-hungry electronic devices that demand extra oomph.

With a substantial capacity of 4.0 ampere-hours (Ah). this battery holds a generous amount of energy. allowing for extended usage periods before requiring recharging. Whether you’re in the middle of a thrilling RC car race or working on a DIY project with your power tools. the OneLux NiCd Battery will keep you going for an extended period without interruption.

One of the standout features of this battery is its high discharge rate. reaching an impressive 55C maximum. This means that the battery can deliver bursts of energy at an incredibly fast rate. making it perfect for high-demand applications and devices that require quick and powerful surges of power.

Safety is of paramount importance. and the OneLux NiCd Battery is designed with that in mind. It is encased in a sturdy white plastic covering. adding an extra layer of protection against accidental damage and potential hazards. The white plastic not only enhances safety but also gives the battery a sleek and modern look.

Being a rechargeable battery. the OneLux NiCd Battery is designed for multiple charging cycles. This feature not only makes it a cost-effective choice in the long run but also reduces environmental waste. as you can use it repeatedly without needing to dispose of single-use batteries.

In conclusion. the OneLux NiCd Rechargeable Battery offers outstanding power. capacity. and safety features. With its 4.8-volt output. impressive 4.0 Ah capacity. and a high discharge rate of 55C maximum. it ensures seamless performance for your high-power electronic devices. Upgrade to the OneLux NiCd Battery for unmatched power and reliability. and enjoy uninterrupted fun and productivity in all your electronic adventures.

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