Recessed Metal Ceiling Speaker


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EN54 -24:2208

Mounting Style: The speaker is designed to be mounted inside a round or square cutout in the ceiling. so it sits flush with the surface. It usually comes with mounting brackets or clamps to secure it in place.

Construction: The speaker typically has a metal grille or bezel that covers the front. protecting the internal components and providing a professional appearance. The rest of the speaker body is also usually made of metal for durability.

Driver Configuration: “Type A” may refer to a specific driver configuration or speaker design. such as a single full-range driver or a two-way driver with a separate woofer and tweeter.

Audio Quality: Depending on the brand and model. these speakers can provide good audio quality with clear and balanced sound reproduction. The sound performance can vary based on the speaker’s specifications. power rating. and frequency response range.

Installation: Recessed metal ceiling speakers are relatively easy to install. especially during new construction or ceiling renovation projects. They typically require running speaker wires through the ceiling and connecting them to an audio amplifier or receiver.

Applications: These speakers are commonly used in various applications. including home theater systems. background music systems. paging systems. conference rooms. retail spaces. and restaurants.

Compatibility: It’s essential to consider the speaker’s compatibility with the audio system you intend to use. Ensure it matches the amplifier’s power output and impedance requirements.

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