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NiCd Rechargeable Battery 5-Piece Set – a reliable and efficient power source designed to meet your energy needs. These batteries are perfect for various applications. ranging from toys. remote-controlled devices. and portable electronics to industrial equipment and emergency backup systems.

Each battery in the set boasts an impressive 6 volts and a substantial capacity of 2000mAh. ensuring long-lasting power and extended usage periods. With a high discharge rate of 70C max. they are capable of delivering bursts of energy when needed. making them ideal for high-demand devices and applications that require quick bursts of power.

Charging these batteries is a breeze. thanks to their compatibility with standard NiCd battery chargers. The recommended charging current is 100mA. guaranteeing safe and efficient charging while extending the overall battery life. To ensure optimal performance and safety. it is crucial to adhere to the 24-hour charging time. as exceeding this duration may result in diminished battery life and potential safety risks.

Safety is paramount. and that’s why these NiCd rechargeable batteries come encased in a sturdy white plastic covering. providing an additional layer of protection against accidental damage and environmental elements. The white plastic casing not only enhances safety but also gives the batteries a clean and modern look.

Additionally. these batteries boast a commendable discharging time of approximately 3 hours. allowing you to use your devices for extended periods without frequent recharging. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where continuous usage is required. such as in power tools or remote-controlled vehicles.

In summary. the NiCd Rechargeable Battery 5-Piece Set offers a winning combination of high voltage. ample capacity. and fast discharge capabilities. Backed by the safety-enhancing white plastic covering and optimized for efficient charging. these batteries are your go-to power solution for a wide range of devices and applications. Upgrade to these reliable NiCd batteries for long-lasting power and peace of mind.

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