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The GASIM Infrared 180 Motion Sensor is a versatile device designed to detect motion within a 180-degree field of view. It utilizes infrared technology to sense changes in heat signatures. making it ideal for detecting human or animal movements in indoor or outdoor environments. The IP44 rating indicates that it is resistant to dust and splashing water. making it suitable for outdoor use in covered areas.

Key features of the GASIM Infrared 180 Motion Sensor:

180-Degree Coverage: The sensor provides a wide coverage angle of 180 degrees. allowing it to monitor a broad area for any motion activity.

Infrared Technology: The sensor relies on infrared radiation to detect heat emitted by moving objects. When a person or animal enters its detection range. their body heat triggers the sensor. causing it to activate.

Motion Sensitivity: The GASIM sensor is designed to be adjustable in terms of sensitivity. Users can fine-tune the sensor’s sensitivity to ensure it responds to the desired motion patterns while avoiding false alarms.

IP44 Rated: With an IP44 rating. the sensor is protected against solid objects greater than 1 mm in size. such as small tools and wires. and it is also protected against splashing water from any direction. This level of protection makes it suitable for outdoor use in areas with partial coverage and limited exposure to the elements.

Color: The sensor comes in a white color. which allows it to blend in easily with most indoor and outdoor environments.

Applications: The GASIM Infrared 180 Motion Sensor finds applications in various settings. including residential properties. commercial buildings. pathways. driveways. and covered outdoor spaces. It is commonly used for security. lighting automation. and energy-saving purposes.

Installation: The sensor is typically mounted on walls or ceilings using appropriate mounting hardware. It is relatively easy to install and set up.

Compatibility: The GASIM Infrared 180 Motion Sensor can be integrated with other smart home or building automation systems. allowing seamless control and interaction with other connected devices.


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