MK circuit breaker MCB 6A


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MK MCB 6A Circuit Breaker is a reliable and essential component designed for use in electrical systems, specifically tailored for general lighting and small appliance circuits. With its robust construction and precise engineering, this miniature circuit breaker ensures the safe distribution of electrical current, offering protection against overload and short circuit conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Rated Current: This MCB is rated at 6A, making it suitable for circuits powering general lighting and small appliances with moderate power requirements.
  2. Versatile Usage: Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications where lighting and small appliances are prevalent.
  3. Compact Design: The MCB features a compact form factor, enabling easy installation in various electrical enclosures and consumer units.
  4. Reliable Performance: Engineered to meet stringent quality standards, the MK MCB guarantees reliable performance and longevity in operation.
  5. Safety Assurance: Provides essential protection against overcurrents and short circuits, safeguarding both electrical equipment and the overall electrical system.
  6. Visual Indication: Incorporates a visual indication feature to signal the status of the circuit breaker, ensuring easy identification of faults or tripped conditions.
  7. Ease of Installation: Designed for simple and straightforward installation, facilitating efficient setup by electrical professionals.
  8. Compatibility: Compatible with MK consumer units and enclosures, ensuring seamless integration within existing electrical systems.

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Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 5 × 15 × 20 cm


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