GASIM Infared Motion Sensor 220V


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The GASIM Infrared Motion Sensor 220V 50Hz in white is a powerful motion detection device designed to sense movement using infrared technology. This sensor operates at a voltage of 220V and a frequency of 50Hz. making it suitable for use in regions with such power specifications. The white color of the sensor allows it to blend in seamlessly with most indoor environments.

Key features of the GASIM Infrared Motion Sensor 220V 50Hz in white:

Infrared Technology: The sensor utilizes infrared radiation to detect heat signatures emitted by moving objects. such as humans or animals. When an object enters its detection range. the sensor responds by triggering an action or activating connected devices.

Voltage and Frequency: The sensor is designed to operate with a standard voltage of 220V and a frequency of 50Hz. This makes it compatible with the electrical systems commonly found in many regions.

Motion Sensitivity: The GASIM sensor can typically be adjusted for motion sensitivity to cater to specific requirements. Users can fine-tune the sensitivity to suit the environment and avoid false alarms.

Color: The sensor comes in a white color. allowing it to easily blend with most indoor settings. such as ceilings and walls.

Applications: The GASIM Infrared Motion Sensor is suitable for various applications. including home automation. security systems. lighting control. and energy-saving setups. It is commonly used in homes. offices. commercial spaces. and public areas.

Installation: The sensor is designed for easy installation on walls or ceilings using appropriate mounting hardware. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper placement to ensure optimal performance.

Compatibility: The sensor may be integrated with other smart home or building automation systems. providing seamless control and interaction with other connected devices.

Power Efficiency: The sensor is designed to be energy-efficient. consuming minimal power while actively monitoring for motion.


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