MK circuit breaker MCB 10A


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In stock


MK circuit breaker (MCB) rated at 10A, suitable for appliances up to 2.3kW. Here’s a breakdown based on your description:

  1. Rating: The MCB is rated for a current of 10A, indicating it can safely carry up to 10 amps of current.
  2. Appliance Capacity: It’s suitable for appliances up to 2.3kW, which means it can handle electrical loads up to 2300 watts.
  3. Compatibility: Like the cooker switch, this MCB is designed specifically for use with Sentry consumer units and enclosures.
  4. Switch Type: Single pole contact status indicator switch with a middle position for fault indication, similar to the cooker switch. This allows for easy identification of any faults in the circuit.
  5. Cable Capacity: Can accommodate cables up to 35mm, ensuring compatibility with various cable sizes.
  6. High Torque Screws: Equipped with high torque screws to ensure secure cable retention, similar to the cooker switch.
  7. Manufacturing Standards: Manufactured to comply with British Standards (BS EN), ensuring quality and safety standards are met.


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