ZON LED panel light 36w


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In stock


  1. Power: 36 watts
  2. Voltage Range: AC 130-265 volts
  3. Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  4. Colour Temperature: 10000 Kelvin

Key Characteristics:

  1. Power (36W): This indicates the electrical power consumption of the LED panel. It’s relatively low, making it energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting solutions.
  2. Voltage Range (AC 130-265V): This wide range of operating voltage means the LED panel can be used in various regions with different voltage standards without needing a voltage converter.
  3. Frequency (50/60 Hz): This frequency range allows the light to be compatible with both 50 Hz and 60 Hz power grids, making it versatile for use in different countries.
  4. Colour Temperature (10000K): The colour temperature of 10000 Kelvin produces a very cool, bluish-white light. This is much higher than typical daylight (around 5000-6500K) and could be perceived as very bright and intense, which might be suitable for specific applications like detailed work environments, certain types of commercial spaces, or even specialized photographic or film lighting.


  • Commercial Spaces: Bright, high-colour temperature lighting can enhance visibility in retail or office environments.
  • Industrial and Technical Settings: Suitable for areas where high-intensity light is needed, such as laboratories or workshops.
  • Specialized Lighting: Ideal for photographic studios or filming sets where very cool light is required.


  • Brightness: Higher colour temperatures like 10000K might be too harsh for some residential settings. It’s essential to consider the comfort and visual strain of the occupants.
  • Colour Rendering: Ensure the panel has a good Colour Rendering Index (CRI) to accurately display the colours of objects under the light.



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