Universal U-shank Jigsaw Blade Sjg49038 (u101br) 100mm, Pack Of 3


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In stock


Universal U-shank Jigsaw Blade SJG49038 (U101BR) in a convenient pack of 3, each blade measuring 100mm. Elevate your cutting experience with these precision-engineered blades designed for versatility, durability, and optimal performance in a variety of woodworking applications.

The U-shank design of these blades ensures compatibility with a broad spectrum of jigsaw models, offering a seamless and secure fit during installation. This user-friendly feature allows for quick and effortless blade changes, enhancing efficiency without the need for additional tools.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these blades are engineered to handle a diverse range of cutting tasks with precision. The 100mm length strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and stability, making these blades suitable for both intricate detail work and general-purpose cutting. From crafting to carpentry, these blades are designed to meet the demands of various woodworking projects.

The SJG49038 (U101BR) blades boast high-quality construction materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and consistent performance. The pack of 3 provides an ample supply of reliable blades, reducing downtime and allowing you to tackle projects with confidence.

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, achieving exceptional results requires the right tools. These Universal U-shank Jigsaw Blades are engineered to deliver clean, precise cuts every time. With the SJG49038 (U101BR) 100mm blades, you can trust in Universal’s commitment to quality and innovation to enhance your woodworking experience.


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