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SMJ FRICTION FREE EASY TO WIND UNIUE PATENTED TECHNOLOGY 4 SOCKET 4 4 METRE 13 AMP 3120 WATTS MAX CURRENT WOUND 5AMPS (1200 WATTS CABLE A05W-F 3X1.25MM ChatGPT It looks like you’ve provided information about another product, likely a cable reel or extension cord. Let’s break down the details: Brand/Model: SMJ Friction-Free Easy to Wind (specific model information not provided) Technology: Unique patented technology for friction-free winding Socket Quantity: 4 sockets Cord Length: 4 meters Power Rating: Current: 13 Amp Max Power: 3120 Watts Max Current Wound: 5 Amps (1200 Watts) Cable Type: A05W-F Cable Specifications: Type: A05W-F Conductor Size: 3×1.25mm This product seems to be a cable reel or extension cord with a unique patented technology for easy winding. The 4-meter length and 4 sockets provide flexibility in extending power to multiple devices. The power rating indicates its capability to handle up to 13 Amps and a maximum power of 3120 Watts. The cable specifications mention A05W-F, which typically refers to a type of flexible copper conductor cable suitable for various applications. As always, it’s important to use such products in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety instructions. If you have any specific questions or need more information, feel free to ask!


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