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RCD (Residual Current Device) with specific specifications. Here’s a breakdown of the information you provided:

  1. RCD Specifications:
    • Rating: 63A
    • 230v
    • Sensitivity: 30mA (milliampere)
    • Usage: Designed to be used exclusively with Sentry consumer units and enclosures.
    • Purpose: Provides earth leakage protection.
    • Breaking Capacity: 6kA (kiloampere), typically suitable for residential use.
    • Pole Configuration: Double pole (which means it disconnects both the live and neutral conductors).
    • Cable Capacity: Accommodates cables up to 30mm.
    • High Torque Cable Clamping: This indicates that the RCD has a mechanism for securely clamping cables with high torque, likely to ensure proper connection and prevent loosening over time.
  2. Installation Instructions:
    • Ensure the RCD is installed in a Sentry consumer unit or enclosure.
    • Follow fitting instructions provided with the unit or enclosure.
    • Use appropriate torque when clamping cables to ensure proper connection and safety.

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