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Plasplugs All-in-One Fixings are versatile wall anchors designed for use in both solid and hollow walls. These fixings are specifically intended for regular-duty applications. The package you mentioned contains 20 pieces of 8mm size fixings.

Features of Plasplugs All-in-One Fixings:

Versatile Usage: These fixings are suitable for both solid walls (like concrete or brick) and hollow walls (such as plasterboard or drywall). This makes them a convenient solution for various mounting tasks around the house or office.

Regular Duty: The All-in-One Fixings are designed to handle regular-duty loads. making them ideal for hanging lightweight or moderately heavy objects securely on walls.

Simple Installation: Plasplugs All-in-One Fixings are relatively easy to install. They typically require drilling a hole into the wall and then inserting the fixing securely into the hole.

Expandable Wings: These fixings come with expandable wings that provide a firm grip behind the wall. ensuring reliable support for the mounted objects.

Suitable for 8mm Holes: The specific package you mentioned contains fixings that are 8mm in size. This means you will need an 8mm drill bit to create the appropriate holes for the fixings.

Applications: Plasplugs All-in-One Fixings are commonly used for hanging lightweight shelves. picture frames. mirrors. bathroom fixtures. and other similar objects on walls.

Please note that the actual packaging and specifications may vary. and it’s always a good idea to read the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines before using the fixings to ensure proper installation and usage. If you are unsure about the load-bearing capacity required for your specific application. it’s recommended to seek professional advice.

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