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Plasplugs Heavy Duty Super Grips Concrete and Brick Fixings, an essential solution for secure and robust fastening in construction and DIY projects. Designed to accommodate various screw sizes, these wall plugs come in three distinctive colors to suit different applications.

The red plugs, classified as regular-duty, are adept at accepting screws ranging from No. 6 to 12, with a diameter range of 3.5 to 5.5mm. Meanwhile, the brown plugs boast heavy-duty capabilities, accommodating screws from No. 8 to 14, with a broader diameter range of 4.5 to 7mm. These heavy-duty brown wall plugs are specifically engineered to withstand more substantial loads, making them ideal for demanding tasks.

To ensure a secure fit, the recommended drill size for both regular and heavy-duty wall plugs is 7mm. This standardized drill size facilitates efficient and precise installation, guaranteeing a snug fit for the plugs.

Each pack of Plasplugs Heavy Duty Super Grips Concrete and Brick Fixings in the heavy-duty brown variant contains 300 wall plugs. This ample pack quantity is well-suited for extensive projects, providing users with an ample supply to tackle various tasks without the need for constant restocking.

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