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PIBAOGU PIR Motion Sensor Bulb – a cutting-edge solution designed for efficiency, longevity, and innovative motion detection technology.

Key Features:

Extended Lifespan: With an impressive 50,000 hours of operational life, the PIBAOGU PIR Motion Sensor Bulb ensures long-lasting illumination, providing reliable lighting for years to come.

Energy-Efficient: Boasting a Class C energy rating, this bulb is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Experience energy savings without compromising on brightness and functionality.

Dusk to Dawn Sensor: The built-in light sensor enables a seamless transition from dusk to dawn. The PIR Motion Sensor Bulb is equipped to adapt to ambient light conditions, providing illumination precisely when it’s needed.

Radar Sensor Technology: The innovative radar sensor technology takes motion detection to the next level. The bulb incorporates a sensitive light sensor that deactivates the motion sensor during the day or when the ambient light is strong (greater than 15 LUX), conserving energy and preventing unnecessary activation.

360° Ultra-Sensitive Motion Detection: Utilizing the principle of Doppler technology, the PIBAOGU Bulb offers 360° ultra-sensitive motion detection. It responds to object movements within its sensing range, enhancing security and convenience.

Intelligent Auto-Off: The PIR Motion Sensor Bulb is designed to automatically turn off 30 seconds after sensing an object, promoting energy savings and ensuring efficient operation.

Wide Sensing Range: With a sensing range of 16-32 feet, this radar LED bulb detects movements such as people, cars, animals, or larger objects. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for various settings, enhancing security and convenience.

Installation Note:
Attention: It is not allowed to install multiple devices in close proximity to ensure optimal performance. Maintain an appropriate installation distance for efficient motion detection.

Upgrade your lighting experience with the PIBAOGU PIR Motion Sensor Bulb – an intelligent lighting solution that combines longevity, energy efficiency, and advanced motion detection technology. Illuminate your space with confidence, knowing that you have a bulb designed for both security and energy savings

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