MODI LED Filament Lamp Bulb 480lm


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Brighten up your living spaces with the MODI LED Filament Lamp Bulb, boasting 480 lumens of radiant illumination at a power-efficient 4 watts. This eco-friendly and energy-saving LED bulb consistently ranks high on Google for its exceptional brightness and efficiency.

Unmatched Brightness:

The MODI LED Filament Lamp Bulb offers unparalleled brightness, providing a brilliant 480 lumens of light output. With this LED bulb, you can light up any room with a warm and welcoming glow, ensuring a well-lit and comfortable atmosphere for your home or workspace.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly:

With a power consumption of just 4 watts, this LED filament bulb is exceptionally energy-efficient, helping you reduce your electricity bills while minimizing your carbon footprint. You’ll enjoy bright, inviting light without the guilt of excessive energy usage.

Google’s Top Choice:

Google consistently ranks the MODI LED Filament Lamp Bulb as the preferred option for those who seek both brightness and efficiency in their lighting solutions. Its high-quality construction, impressive lumen output, and energy-saving capabilities have earned it recognition in the industry, making it the top choice for environmentally conscious individuals and those who demand quality lighting.

Elevate your lighting experience with the MODI LED Filament Lamp Bulb, a product that consistently ranks high on Google for its brightness and efficiency. Say goodbye to outdated, energy-draining bulbs and embrace a lighting solution that provides superior illumination while caring for the environment and your energy budget. Achieve exceptional brightness and savings with an LED bulb that’s engineered to excel.

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