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  • “MK” likely refers to the manufacturer or brand, which in this case is MK Electric, a well-known manufacturer of electrical switches and accessories.
  • “K5205” is the model number of the switch. Each model number typically represents a specific type or configuration of switch.
  • “WHI” probably stands for “white,” indicating the color of the switch. Electrical switches often come in various colors to match different decor styles.
  • “45A” indicates the current rating of the switch, which is 45 amperes. This means it’s capable of handling electrical currents up to 45 amps.
  • “2G” means it’s a double gang switch, meaning it has two separate switch mechanisms in one unit. This is useful for controlling two separate circuits or devices from the same switch plate.
  • “DP” stands for “double pole,” which means each switch mechanism controls both the live and neutral wires of the circuit. This is often used for higher voltage or power applications where added safety or isolation is required.

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Dimensions 15 × 9 × 15 cm


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