MK Sentry MCB 40A Cooker Miniature Circuit Breakers


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In stock


cooker switch, the MK 40A cooker switch designed for use with Sentry consumer units and enclosures. Here’s a breakdown of the features based on your description:

  1. Compatibility: Designed to be used with Sentry consumer units and enclosures.
  2. Switch Type: Single pole contact status indicator switch. This means it controls the live conductor only and has an indicator to show whether the circuit is on or off.
  3. Fault Indication: The switch has a middle position for fault indication. This likely means there’s a visual indicator in the middle position to signal a fault or issue.
  4. Cable Capacity: Can accommodate cables up to 35mm, indicating it can handle relatively thick cables.
  5. High Torque Screws: Equipped with high torque screws for better cable retention. This ensures that the cables remain securely connected to the switch.
  6. Manufacturing Standards: Manufactured to comply with British Standards (BS EN), ensuring quality and safety standards are met.
  7. Voltage Rating: Rated for use with both 230V and 400V systems, indicating its versatility in handling different voltage levels.

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Dimensions 5 × 10 × 20 cm


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