Legrand Synergy Metalclad – 7338 35 – 13a Switched Fused Connection Unit


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In stock


  1. Legrand Synergy: A trusted name in the electrical industry, Legrand Synergy delivers quality and reliability, and the Metalclad range is no exception.
  2. Model – 7338 35: This specific model, 7338 35, is a 13A Switched Fused Connection Unit, providing versatile power control.
  3. Metalclad Construction: The Metalclad series is renowned for its robust construction, offering enhanced durability and protection, making it suitable for demanding environments.
  4. Amp Rating – 13A: With a 13A rating, this unit is capable of handling standard electrical loads with ease, providing reliable power control.
  5. Switched Operation: The switched functionality allows you to control the power supply to the connected device, offering added convenience and energy savings.
  6. Fused Connection Unit: This unit includes a fuse for additional protection, ensuring the safety of your electrical installations.
  7. Versatile Application: Ideal for industrial and commercial settings, the Metalclad range is designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications.
  8. Durable Design: Built to withstand challenging conditions, the Metalclad range ensures longevity and performance even in harsh environments.
  9. Manufacturer Guarantee: Backed by Legrand’s commitment to quality, this Switched Fused Connection Unit comes with a manufacturer guarantee for added assurance.
  10. Model Number – 7338 35: Easily identify and reference this specific model with its unique model number for accurate ordering and installation.

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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm


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