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Illuminate your space with the powerful and energy-efficient LED Sinja Light E40, a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to brighten your environment while conserving energy. With a substantial power rating of 65 watts, an E40 base, and a wide input voltage range of 85-265V, this LED light is versatile and adaptable to various lighting needs. Furthermore, its colour temperature can be customized to match your preferences, ensuring your space is bathed in the perfect hue of light.

Key Features:

Impressive Power: The LED Sinja Light E40 boasts a powerful 65-watt rating, making it ideal for lighting up large areas and spaces. Whether it’s an industrial setting, outdoor lighting, or commercial applications, this LED delivers ample brightness.

E40 Base: With the E40 base, installation is a breeze. It easily fits into a range of fixtures designed for this base type, ensuring a secure and hassle-free setup.

Wide Input Voltage Range: The LED Sinja Light is versatile in its voltage compatibility, with an input voltage range of 85-265V. This adaptability allows you to use it in a variety of locations, regardless of voltage fluctuations.

Customizable Colour Temperature: Tailor your lighting experience to your exact needs with a customizable colour temperature. Choose the warmth or coolness of the light to set the perfect ambiance in your space, whether it’s for a cozy living room or a well-lit workspace.

Energy Efficiency: Experience exceptional energy savings with LED technology. The LED Sinja Light E40 is eco-friendly and helps lower your electricity bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

Longevity: This LED light is designed to provide extended lifespan and durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your workspace, illuminate an outdoor area, or optimize your commercial lighting, the LED Sinja Light E40 is a versatile and energy-efficient solution. With its remarkable power, customizable color temperature, and adaptability to various voltage ranges, it’s a reliable choice for all your lighting needs. Upgrade your lighting to a more efficient and sustainable option, and enjoy a well-lit environment with the LED Sinja Light E40.

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