JCC High Bay Security Light 100W


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The JCC High Bay Security Light IP65 100W 220-240V is a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to provide superior illumination and security in a variety of outdoor and industrial settings. Engineered by JCC. a trusted name in lighting technology. this high bay security light combines durability. efficiency. and advanced features to meet the demands of both commercial and residential applications.

With a power rating of 100 watts. this high bay light offers a significant amount of luminosity. ensuring well-lit spaces that enhance safety and visibility. The IP65 rating indicates its exceptional resistance to dust and water. making it ideal for outdoor installation in areas exposed to harsh weather conditions. Whether it’s rain. snow. or dust. this light will continue to perform reliably without compromising its functionality.

Operating within the voltage range of 220-240V. the JCC High Bay Security Light is designed to be energy-efficient without sacrificing light output. Its advanced lighting technology ensures even distribution of light. minimizing shadows and dark spots in the illuminated area. This makes it particularly suitable for various applications such as warehouses. parking lots. loading docks. and perimeter security lighting.

The design of the JCC High Bay Security Light combines aesthetics with functionality. Its sleek and modern appearance allows it to blend seamlessly with different architectural styles. The robust construction and high-quality materials ensure longevity. reducing maintenance requirements and providing excellent value for the investment.

Installation of the JCC High Bay Security Light is straightforward. thanks to its well-designed mounting options and user-friendly features. The light can be easily adjusted to achieve the desired angle and coverage area. ensuring optimal illumination for the specific space it is installed in.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 50 cm
Number of Watt's

90w, 100w, 140w, 150w, 200w


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