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Design: The Ignis Plus Downlight features a sleek and compact design. making it suitable for various indoor settings such as homes. offices. hotels. and retail spaces. It is designed to be recessed into the ceiling. providing a clean and seamless appearance.

Material: The housing of the downlight is made from high-quality die-cast aluminum. This material ensures durability and heat dissipation. allowing for efficient operation and longer lifespan.

Fire Rating: One of the significant features of the Ignis Plus Downlight is its fire rating. It is specifically engineered to meet fire safety regulations and is fire-rated for a specified duration. This means that in the event of a fire. the downlight is designed to resist the spread of flames. providing added protection and peace of mind.

GU10 Socket: The Ignis Plus Downlight uses a GU10 socket. which is a common type of lamp base. This socket is compatible with GU10 LED bulbs. allowing for easy installation and bulb replacement. GU10 bulbs are known for their energy efficiency and versatility.

Installation: The downlight is designed for recessed installation into a prepared hole in the ceiling. It typically comes with spring clips that securely hold the fixture in place. Installation may require the services of a professional electrician.

Lighting Performance: The Ignis Plus Downlight is capable of delivering focused and directional lighting. With the use of GU10 LED bulbs. it can provide a range of light outputs. color temperatures. and beam angles. allowing you to create the desired ambiance and illumination for your space.

Compatibility: The Ignis Plus Downlight is compatible with standard electrical systems and can be integrated into existing wiring setups. It typically operates on a voltage range compatible with the electrical grid in your region.


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