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Electric trunking. also known as electrical trunking or cable trunking. is a type of enclosure used to protect and organize electrical cables and wires in residential. commercial. and industrial settings. It provides a neat and safe solution for concealing and managing cables. preventing tripping hazards. and safeguarding the cables from physical damage. dust. and moisture.

Here’s a more detailed description of electric trunking:

Materials and Construction: Electric trunking is typically made of high-quality plastic. metal. or PVC materials. These materials are chosen for their durability. fire-resistant properties. and ability to withstand various environmental conditions.

Design and Shape: Trunking comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different cable capacities and installation requirements. Common shapes include rectangular. square. and circular profiles. The design may also include multiple compartments or partitions to separate and organize different types of cables.

Mounting Options: Trunking can be surface-mounted or recessed. depending on the application and aesthetic preferences. Surface-mounted trunking is attached directly to the wall or ceiling. while recessed trunking is embedded into the structure to create a flush and less obtrusive appearance.

Cover and Access: The trunking is designed with removable covers to provide easy access to the enclosed cables for maintenance. repairs. or adding new cables. The covers may snap on. slide. or be hinged. depending on the specific trunking model.

Installation: Electric trunking can be installed during construction or retrofitted into existing buildings. The installation process involves securing the trunking to the walls or ceilings and routing the cables inside the compartments. Trunking can be mounted horizontally or vertically as needed.

Types of Trunking: There are various types of electric trunking available. including single-compartment trunking for simpler cable management. multi-compartment trunking for separating different types of cables. and flexible trunking that allows for curved installations or changes in direction.

Accessories: Manufacturers often provide a range of accessories to complement the trunking system. such as corner pieces. end caps. T-joints. and couplers. to help create complex cable routing configurations.

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Dimensions 200 cm

16 X 16mm, 16 X 25mm, 25 X 25mm


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