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AVES 19 AVES-2661 EN5-0117 -1 2002/A2: 2013 RG59+2C-C0.75-CCA-PVC-BLK-100 CCTV CAMERA SIGNAL WITH CONTR FOR PTZ INTERNAL USE REACTION TO FIRE : ECA DAGEROUS SUBSTANCES: NONE RG59 + 2C -0.75-CCA-PVC-BLACK -100 RG59 COAXIAL+2 POWER CORES 0.75 MM CCA BLACK PVC ROHS (EU) 2015/863 COMOLIANT 100M breakdown of the specifications and details of the cable:
  1. Product Codes:
    • AVES 19 AVES-2661 EN5-0117
    • 2002/A2: 2013 RG59+2C-C0.75-CCA-PVC-BLK-100
  2. Product Description:
    • This cable is intended for CCTV camera signal transmission with control for PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) internal use.
  3. Fire Reaction:
    • Reaction to Fire: ECA (European Classification A)
  4. Hazardous Substances:
    • Dangerous Substances: None
  5. Cable Construction:
    • Type: RG59 coaxial cable combined with two power cores
    • Coaxial Part: RG59
    • Power Cores: 2 x 0.75 mm² (CCA – Copper Clad Aluminium)
    • Jacket Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
    • Jacket Color: Black
    • Length: 100 meters
  6. Compliance:
    • RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant according to EU directive 2015/863
  7. Additional Details:
    • The cable is labeled as RG59 COAXIAL + 2 POWER CORES 0.75 MM CCA BLACK PVC.
    • The compliance to RoHS ensures that the cable does not contain hazardous substances beyond the specified limits.


This is a 100-meter long CCTV camera signal cable with additional power cores, specifically designed to handle PTZ camera controls. It has a black PVC jacket, is constructed with RG59 coaxial and 0.75 mm² CCA power cores, and complies with the EU RoHS directive, indicating it is free from hazardous substances above regulated levels.


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