AquIP66 13A DP Switched Socket 2 Gang


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aquIP66 13A DP Switched Socket 2 Gang – Your Ultimate Outdoor Power Solution

Empower your outdoor spaces with the aquIP66 13A DP Switched Socket 2 Gang, a game-changer in outdoor electrical convenience. This switched socket revolutionizes the way you power electrical devices in your garden or driveway, eliminating the need for cumbersome extension cables from inside your home.

Easily mounted to your garage or house wall, this versatile socket is the go-to choice for powering an array of outdoor devices, from external lights and gardening machinery to power tools and even hot tubs. The unit’s design is tailored for efficiency and user-friendly installation, featuring knockouts on the top, sides, and bottom to accommodate cables from any direction.

Designed for durability, the outdoor socket cover is constructed from robust polycarbonate material, sealing shut to insulate your plugs from rain. Its impressive IP66 weatherproof rating ensures protection against the elements, keeping your electrical supply safe from damage. The cover is UV-resistant, safeguarding against the sun’s rays to prevent softening or warping even on the hottest summer days.

Convenience meets innovation with indicator lights below each socket, allowing you to easily discern from a distance whether the plugs are on or off – a particularly useful feature during nighttime. The unit’s thoughtful design also allows for easy removal of the socket without the need to split the enclosure, facilitating maintenance and adjustments.

Upgrade your outdoor power experience with the aquIP66 13A DP Switched Socket 2 Gang – where toughness, weatherproof reliability, and user-friendly design come together for unparalleled outdoor electrical performance. Trust in aquIP66 to keep your electrical supply safe and secure in any weather condition.

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