Aluminium Foil Tape 3cm 10m


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Aluminum Foil Tape, a versatile and essential tool for your sealing and insulation needs. This high-quality tape measures 3cm in width and spans an impressive 10 meters in length, providing you with a reliable and efficient solution for a variety of applications.

Key Features:

Width: 3cm
Length: 10m
Material: Aluminum Foil
Versatile: Ideal for sealing, insulation, and other applications
Durable: Sturdy construction for long-lasting performance
Easy to Use: Convenient size and design for hassle-free application
This Aluminum Foil Tape is designed to meet your sealing and insulation requirements with precision. Its 3cm width makes it suitable for various projects, allowing you to achieve a secure and efficient seal. The generous 10-meter length provides ample tape for multiple applications, ensuring you have enough to tackle various tasks around your home, office, or workshop.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum foil, this tape boasts durability and reliability. Its versatile nature makes it an ideal choice for sealing joints, insulating pipes, and other applications where a strong and resilient adhesive is essential.

Experience the convenience of a tape that’s not only easy to use but also built to last. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional, our Aluminum Foil Tape is a must-have tool in your toolkit.

Upgrade your sealing and insulation projects with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and durable solution at your fingertips. Choose our Aluminum Foil Tape for a versatile, high-quality adhesive that meets your needs with precision and ease.

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Dimensions 0.1 × 2 × 3 cm


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