36W LED Batten Light 1200M


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The 36W LED batten light with a length of 1200mm is a powerful and efficient lighting solution designed to provide ample illumination for a wide range of indoor spaces. With an impressive lumen output of 5100 lumens. this batten delivers a bright and even light distribution. making it ideal for areas that require significant lighting coverage.

The LED technology utilized in this batten ensures exceptional energy efficiency. making it an environmentally conscious choice that also helps reduce electricity costs. The 36W power consumption strikes a balance between energy conservation and providing substantial brightness. making it suitable for various commercial. industrial. and residential applications.

The LED batten emits a clean and crisp light. creating a comfortable and inviting ambiance in the illuminated area. The color temperature of the batten may vary based on the model chosen. but typically. it comes in various options such as Warm White (3000K). Cool White (4000K). or Daylight (6500K). The choice of color temperature depends on the specific requirements and mood desired for the space.

The design of this LED batten is sleek and modern. allowing it to seamlessly integrate into the aesthetics of most interiors. Its slim profile and compact size make it an ideal lighting solution for areas with limited ceiling space while providing a wide beam angle for uniform lighting distribution.

Installation of this batten is straightforward and hassle-free. offering options for surface mounting or suspension from the ceiling. depending on the specific layout and needs of the area. It comes with all the necessary accessories for easy setup. ensuring a quick and efficient installation process.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 1200 × 10 × 10 cm

1200mm, 1500mm


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